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Tribolube is an OEM lubricant manufacturer specializing in grease, industrial lubricants and automotive lubricants.

Tribolube has been servicing the independent lubricant market since 2008, manufacturing lubricants on behalf of a wide spectrum of companies throughout Southern Africa.

It aims to empower independent lubricant companies with their own ‘private label’ products, manufactured to exacting specifications.

Tribolube does not manufacture or promote any brands of its own, and is solely focused on providing the best possible service as a highly efficient and dependable manufacturing partner.

Tribolube does not compete - it complements.


  • Toll blending and manufacturing (Grease and Oil)
  • Product formulation and development
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Lubricant application assessment
  • Grease technology and product knowledge
  • Proven manufacturing capability and experience
  • Extensive technical support

Brief History

Tribolube began operations in 2008 with its primary focus being speciality greases. The business expanded rapidly over the next 5 years, incorporating conventional greases, automotive oils and industrial oils.

In 2010 a significant investment was made to increase capacity and capabilities to meet the increasing volume and product requirements of its very satisfied customer base.

Today, Tribolube continues its investment program with its focus on continuously increasing product quality and client service levels.


Tribolube maintains an ongoing vigilance throughout its operations to remain compliant with the current prevailing standards as set out by the International Organization of Standards (ISO).

Tribolube is currently ISO 9001:2015 compliant.


Tribolube has been independently audited and certified as a BBBEE Level 4 contributor.