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Our Offer

Our business is to provide a complete toll manufacturing service for resellers.

We offer a complete sourcing solution for all lubricant forms, specialising in grease. Apart from delivering and economical solution, we provide the following elements which aid in the development of your business.

Tribolube Value Addition

Core Competencies

  • Knowledge
  • Special Skills
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Unique Operating Methods
  • Proprietary Information

Manufacturing Capability

  • Economies of Scale
  • Capitalise on Synergies
  • Cost effective, Location
  • Effective Supply Chain
  • Low Risk

Customer Benefits

Investment Benefits

  • Cash Generation
  • Decreased Stock Holdings

Speed to the Market

  • Exploit Existing Resources
  • Obtain Expertise

Financial Benefits

  • Turn fixed costs in variable, improved margins.

Risk Reduction

  • Improved Internal Focus
  • Quality Assurance

Innovative Solutions

  • Increased flexibility to meet market needs.

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Product Portfolion Development

With our experience, we can assist you with the development of your product portfolio based on your target sectors, current competitors and locations. Thus enabling your business to meet the expectation of the market with an optimised portfolio for the market sectors, competitive pricing and a focused product range. We have a wealth of tacit knowledge, which enables us to easily and quickly offer products which meet the current needs of your customers.

Supply Chain Excellence

We aim to provide you with reliable and cost effective supply of lubricants. This is delivered through effective procurement of materials, focused stock holding levels, short production lead times and commitment to meet the order delivery schedule. An overall value-added solution to your business.


The overall objective is to deliver on all technical aspects of the business. Customised technical and safety datasheets, certificates of analysis, product performance testing, and an after-market technical back-up and support service. In short, making sure your sales team has all the necessary technical information to satisfy your customer.

Product Portfolion Development

In order help you grow your business, we can offer specific training needs to equip your sales team with the necessary technical and product knowledge to confidently engage with your customers to grow your business. Technical support and rapid responses to customer questions and demands.

What Tribolube Does Not Do

  • Market or sell to the end-user
  • Brand our own products
  • Divulge customer information
  • Make excuses
  • Adjusting pricing every month
  • Compromise on Quality
  • Break commitments